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Top 5 Best Hidden GPS Trackers To Catch A Cheating Spouse Without Them Knowing

It is available in the form of a GPS logger, a trackstick, or a cell phone tracker and many more. In fact, GPS tracking receivers come in various shapes and sizes.

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Some receivers are pocket size while others can be put in a cell phone or a wrist watch. Most GPS tracking devices are placed in an automobile to track its exact movement and location. In addition to real-time monitoring, these systems also provide detailed travel histories, including where a vehicle went and how long it was there.

No cables or external battery needed. Startouch Personal GPS Tracker is a simple but highly functional GPS tracker for various uses including fleet services and freight operations, high value asset tracking, special needs individuals and more. Toggle navigation.

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Share this :. Our Services. Feature packed GPS Tracker. Easily concealed Locate your car, a package, or a person. Track or Listen to anyone or any object. We completely unlock our devices.

Using a combination of up to 32 satellite channels and cellular towers, it can deliver its location on demand within 10 feet. The only item you will need that is not included with the unit is an inexpensive, prepaid SIM card, which you can purchase from any number of places. There are no other fees, and definitely no contracts or commitments.

Reliable Technology: ElectroFlip deals with quality, unique, fully-tested electronics and we proudly provide a full year warranty on the iTrack, as with all of our items.


How to track a cheating spouse with GPS

We definitely want you to enjoy your new tracking device, so if you have any trouble setting, attaching, or maintaining your unit, we are here for you. Our expert technical support team is ready to help, and the service is absolutely free. Call us and you will find a real person waiting on the other end, ready to address your concerns. Map Compatible: When the unit texts you its location, compatible phones can pull up the actual spot on Google or Yahoo Maps automatically.

5 Best Hidden GPS Trackers For Cheaters

Longest Battery Life for its Size: It has the longest lasting battery for a locating device of its size, capable of up to 6 days on standby mode. Two batteries are included, so you can swap out the battery without having to wait for it to recharge. Plus, the iTrack will automatically let you know when its battery is getting low by sending you a text message.

Free Accessories: In addition to an extra battery, your iTrack also comes with a waterproof case, magnetic mount, charging dock, and a wiring harness that helps you hard-wire it directly into your vehicle power, so you will never run out of batteries. Set Perimeters, Alerts, and Motion Activation: Its easy menu lets you decide exactly how often you want to hear from it, or in what event you would like to be notified of its location. In a practice known as Geo-Fencing, you can set a perimeter as large or small as you like, and be notified whenever the unit goes outside of it.

You can request regular updates on its location at intervals anywhere from every 10 seconds to 4 hours. You can even set it to only send alerts when prompted by you. With motion activation technology built in, the device knows when it is moving. If you want to track a vehicle, you can set the iTrack to deliver reports every 10 seconds once it starts moving, and once it stops, it can automatically hibernate to save battery. Hikers, mountain climbers, long distance drivers, and any adventurers out there will appreciate the peace of mind that provides.

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Easy Compatibility and No Software to Buy: Even if you do not have a map-compatible phone receiving the device messages, you can easily plug the latitude and longitude numbers it gives you into any free, online mapping program to pinpoint the location. Specifications Vehicle Make Geo. Customer Reviews. Write a review.

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