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Arrived well packed and on time.

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The camera looks a lot more expensive than what I thought. It is very well built looks professional Installation: This was the first time I've setup a ip camera the instructions were easy to understand. I had to download the app CamHi to my phone.

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To install the memory card is a little fiddly as you have to unscrew the face of the camera remove the back plate and undo 4 small screws and slide out the lense, the memory card just slips in behind the lense. I think this is Only 7 left in stock. Excellent system, but note not a wireless system so the cameras have to be wired up. Plenty of wire supplied, but not enough power in the adaptor to do both cameras and dvr. I suggest buying another adaptor just to power the DVR.

Not great at night vision Eay to setup though. Great system for the money. We installed 3 cameras on this property. The two cameras at the front were 40cm apart to make the two images into one image.

Best thing since sliced bread! Another fantastic product I brought for the dog!


Mobile Surveillance System and NVR - Neousys Technology

Love love love it! You can record if you get a memory card and you can have it on multiple devices and watch at the same time so me and my partner do check him! Also worked abroad when we went on friends holidays about two months apart so good! First picture is real life and the rest is off the camera! Night vision is also perfect!!!

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This is for the p Yi Home Camera. I really like this little camera.

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Subscribe Watchlist Watchlist. Components of Mobile Video Surveillance Modern day mobile video surveillance systems are composed of various components such as IP cameras, video encoders, rugged computers and internal or external hard drives. GO TOP. Address 15F. If you would like to provide more feedback, please email us at websitefeedback oaic.

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